Programs: July – Sept. 2019

Descriptions published July 15, 2019.
Public programs except where noted with an asterisk (*).
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*July 25 – 28. “Sink Down and Rise Up: Spirit-Led Action for Sustainability.” Co-led with Sam Milford (Pittsburgh MM). Lake Erie YM annual sessions. Bluffton, Ohio.
……….As the climate crisis overwhelms many of us, there are Friends across the world arising to this great challenge with hope. We will explore the spiritual root of Quaker action for sustainability while learning about practical responses from Friends Meetings. We will envision where change is possible. The workshop leaders are FWCC representatives for LEYM.
……….The session will open with silent worship and reflection on the query: How do we act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with Spirit amid extreme harm done to the Earth and humanity? With a brief introduction, resources on sustainability will be provided from FWCC and the traveling ministry of Mey Hasbrook.
……….Materials will be discussed in small and large groups. A simple arts activity will be offered to augment reflection and discussion. The workshop will conclude with worshipful sharing.

August 3 – 8. “‘A New and Living Way’: Transformation through Right Relationship.” New England YM annual sessions. Castleton, Vermont. Given over two evenings, Aug. 5 & 7.
……….In the book of Hebrews,one counterpart to “provoking one another to love” is the statement that through Jesus Christ there is “a new and living way” (10:20). This way is a process of spiritually rooting and sustaining ourselves.
……….Love arising from the Light/ the Seed/ the Jesus Way transforms us toward Right Relationship with Creation. The path bares the heart and connects concerns. Along this path of nourishing one’s calling and community, renewal arises as both gift and responsibility.
……….The workshop will “sink down” deeply into this year’s theme through spoken ministry, queries, worship sharing, breakout groups, and a simple creative activity. Wisdom will be woven from First Nations as well as Quaker ancestors and contemporaries.

August 20. “Transformative Earth Care: 18th-Century Benjamin Lay for Today.” Talk & Thoughts discussion at Bolton Friends. Britain YM.
……….How one spiritual ancestor’s example of faithfulness speaks to the condition of modern Friends. A time to query, create, and invite the unexpected from a radical Quaker root that honors the whole of Creation through spirit-led, sometimes spectacle-creating and even “unapproved” actions. Drawing upon the 2017 biography The Fearless Benjman Lay.
……….Also given July 1, Quaker Earthcare Witness Center, Friends General Conference Gathering. Grinnell, Iowa.

August 31. “Traveling Roots, Arriving at Courage: Creative Change for Climate & Community.” Swarthmoor Hall. Ulverston, UK.
……….This series may be attended separately or in sequence; non-Quakers are welcome. The first workshop from 11am to 12:30pm speaks about the courage to transform our relationship with climate through community by traveling Quaker plus complimentary spiritual roots. The second session from 2:30pm to 4pm explores these roots through a hands-on creative processes that becomes part of Mey’s growing arts installation In Relation.
……….Some materials of interest on courage: Dorothy Nimmo’s epic poem, A Testimony to the Grace of God in the Life of James Nayler 1618-1660; the Courage prayer read from worship at Corrymeela, peace and reconciliation community in Northern Ireland.

September 13. “Sacramental Living for Sustainability.” Friendly Fridays discussion at Oxford Friends, Britain YM.
……….This path bares the heart, connects concerns, and “provokes one another to love”. The discussion explores “a new and living way” brought to us by spiritual ancestors and modern Friends.
……….Some materials of interest: Margaret Fell’s “Epistle to Convinced but not yet Crucified Friends” (1656) with reference to Hebrews 10:19-25; also Jonathan Dale’s messages on Social Testimony (1996 Swarthmore Lecture; Pendle Hill Pamphlet #360) .