About Mey

Mey Hasbrook is inspired by ancestors and the Earth; spirituality, women and healing; sustainability and the arts-for-all.  She deeply values community, creativity, and interactive process.

Mey continues adapting to openings for service of community amid these changing times. At the pandemic’s onset in March 2020, she finished training among the Traveling Ministry Corps of Friends World Committee for Consultation Section of the Americas. She finds joy in nurturing Quaker community across geographies and practices. Toward such nurturing, she envisions “living”  bridges that connect us between generations, cultural groups, and the transformative work of our age.

Since 2015, Mey has widely traveled in the ministry among the Religious Society of Friends. The arts installation, In Relation, began through her travels and ministry from 2018 onward. The large-scale work continues to grow alongside its message: Right Relationship as connection of care of the Earth among human communities.

Mey shares views about Quaker life and ministry on the Facebook page Sink Down & Rise Up. Her FB arts page is Dey of the Phoenix.  Select earlier public projects (2008 – 18) are archived at the web site, Dey of the Phoenix .

In Fall 2020, Mey moved from the lands of the Anishinaabe in Michigan to those of the Wabanaki in Maine. She is a Sojourning Member of Durham Friends Meeting (Maine), and a Recorded Member with Kalamazoo Friends Meeting (Michigan).

Updated March 3, 2021.