About Mey

Mey Hasbrook is inspired by ancestors and the Earth; spirituality, women and healing; sustainability and the arts-for-all.  She deeply values community, creativity, and interactive process.

Mey engages the arts as a generative tool to bridge diverse communities, communicate among Friends (Quakers), and transform public and sacred life. (See project La Puenta for examples.)

Presently she’s building a mobile-arts installation with a message:  Right Relationship as connecting care of the Earth and community. This new work began in 2018 in the US Midwest and Northern Europe.

Mey travels in the ministry and speaks among Friends where way opens. (See travel minute here.) She serves as a volunteer representative of Friends World Committee for Consultation for Lake Erie Yearly Meeting and also on LEYM’s Earth Care Committee.

For earlier works and projects, visit Mey’s archived web site, Dey of the Phoenix. She also authors several Facebook pages on the arts, Earth care, and Quaker themes.

Updated April 23, 2019.