Updated March 27, 2021.

This page arises from a virtual gathering, “What does Water mean to us? Quakers Engaging World Water Day,” hosted by Beacon Hill Friends House for March 22, 2021, and organized by Mey Hasbrook with contributors Briana Halliwell, Rev. Circe Moss MacDonald, and Gail Melix; along with co-facilitators Stephen Gates and Reb MacKenzie.

World Water Day https://www.worldwaterday.org/
Initiated by the United Nations, World Water Day is observed on March 22nd. The 2021 theme is “Valuing Water.”

Closing Query from the gathering:
Listening from the sacred center is a process to name how we protect Water. Here’s a query to continue the work as we engage communities:

  • How is Spirit calling us to protect Water in our everyday living ?
  • What transforms our relationship to water — as Quakers, people of faith, and persons who stand in solidarity with indigenous communities?

Gifts from Wampanoag Elders
Thanks to contributor Gail Melix (Manomet Wampanoag) for preparing these materials:

Resources from Program Contributors
Thanks to the team for nourishing us toward & also suggesting hands-on ways to protect Water:

Leadings from New England Yearly Meeting:
In NEYM’s 2020 annual sessions, two parallel materials were approved. When it comes to protecting Water, they become interwoven works:

Still in the works for the sharing:

  • Quaker youth responses from West Falmouth Local Meeting
  • Videos with water songs & more!