Events & Journeys

Updated July 12, 2019.

July 25 – 28. Lake Erie Yearly Meeting annual sessions. Bluffton, Ohio.

August 3 – 8. New England Yearly Meeting annual sessions. Castleton, VT.

August 14 – September 15. Visitation with Britain Yearly Meeting. Displaying In Relation as a demo-sized version of mobile-arts installation where possible.



June 30 – July 6. Friends General Conference Gathering. Grinnell, Iowa.

  • In Relation. Full-sized mobile-art installation.
  • July 1. “Transformative Earth Care: 18th-Century Benjamin Lay for Today.” Quaker Earthcare Witness Center.

May 9 -11. In Relation, mobile-arts installation. Kalamazoo Friends Meeting. 508 Denner Street, Kalamazoo, Michigan. May 10. Reception, 5:30pm to 7pm. Public discussion at 7pm, “A Quaker View on Connecting Concerns: Right Relationship, Justice, & the Environment.”

March 21 – 24. Mobile-arts demo during the Friends World Committee for Consultation Section of the Americas Meeting. Excelsior Springs, Missouri.


Late August to late October . Visitations among Yearly Meetings of Britain, Ireland, France, and Belgium and Luxembourg. Presentations with local Friends of Bolton, Swarthmoor Hall, Lancaster (UK), and Cork (IR).

Oct 19 – 21. Invited artist for Britain YM’s Sustainability Gathering. Swanwick, Derby, UK.

Sept 1, 2018. Speaker at Britain YM’s Quaker Arts Network Annual General Meeting. Friends House, London, UK.

June 2 – 16. La Puenta exhibition “By the Hands of Women”. REACH Studio Art Center, Lansing, Michigan. Supported by a grant from the Puffin Foundation Ltd.


Sept to Oct. Visitations and presentations with Friends Meetings in Paris and Dublin at Eustace Street. Supported by grants from FWCC Section of the Americas and Kalamazoo Friends Monthly Meeting.

Aug. La Puenta exhibition “By the Hands of Women”. Arts Council of Greater Kalamazoo, EPIC Center, Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Jan to Mar. Project La Puenta in Peru. Exhibition “By the Hands of Women” in Puno (Feb) and Cusco (Mar). Visitations with Friends of the Yearly Meeting of INELA Peru. Supported by grants from FWCC Section of the Americas, Kalamazoo Friends Monthly Meeting, and the Lyman Fund.

For earlier references, please visit Mey’s archived web site, Dey of the Phoenix.

Posts and photo albums also are available via Facebook on her artist page and page La Puenta.

Updated May 1, 2019.