New installation in-progress! See gallery below. The mobiles speak to Right Relationship as connecting care of the Earth and community. The project began in 2018 with events in the US, the UK, and Ireland. Events in 2019 are taking place in the US and late summer in England. Many occasions are among Quakers (see Travel Minute) and sometimes public.

The process for growing the installation is multi-stepped. Mey creates series of art objects. Some items are prepped for contributions by groups. Artist-only and group objects are combined in varied arrangements. The wider installation is made from multiple sections of many objects, while a demo version combines fewer items.

Materials friendly to the environmental and affordable are features: nontoxic media (watercolor, crayons); found objects and re-used items (puzzles, game pieces); beeswax (encaustic medium) and natural items (milkweed, seeds); also from Peru, handmade plant papers and alpaca yarn.

Updated April 22, 2019.