New England, Winter 2020

Updated February 20, 2020. (See asterisk * for recent addition.)

Here’s a preview of upcoming traveling ministry among New England Yearly Meeting of Friends! Updates will be added as become available.

Thanks to the many persons who helped with preparations, will be hosting and eldering (accompanying), and otherwise sharing in what unfolds.

Beyond visitations, installation In Relation will be exhibited at Beacon Hill Friends House between Feb. 18 and Mar. 4!

Greater Boston

Feb. 16: 10am to 11am, First Day worship with Fresh Pond MM (Cambridge). 11:30am to 1pm, monthly session on Spiritual Growth: “Listening in the Wilderness.” How does the Exodus story speak to our condition of climate breakdown? How do brokenness and promise coexist? What resonates from experiences of indigenous communities and Quaker ancestors?

Feb. 19: 8:30am to 10am, midweek worship with Friends Meeting at Cambridge.

Feb. 20: 7pm to 8:30pm, “Sacred Ground for Decolonizing”,a program at Beacon Hill Friends House (Boston); here’s the Facebook listing. I’m delighted to be joined by area Friends, Frederick Martin (Beacon Hill MM) and Stephen Gates (West Falmouth Preparative Mtg. ).

New Hampshire

*Feb. 22: Dinner potluck and fellowship with Quaker City Unity Friends.

Feb. 23: Extended worship on First Day with Hanover MM.

Cape Cod: West Falmouth Preparative Meeting

Feb. 25: 1pm to 3pm, potluck followed by Meeting for Worship. East Sandwich Friends Meeting House.

Feb. 26: 5:30pm to 8:30pm, happily attending the program “Wampanoags Speak: History and Heritage” at the W. Falmouth Library with Quaker and Wampanoag contributors, including Erica Adams and Gail Melix. Full details are found here.


Mar. 1: 10:25am to 11:45am, First Day worship with Durham MM. Giving spoken ministry as part of semi-programmed worship.

Mar. 2: Daytime worship at Friends School of Portland.
6pm to 8:30pm, potluck and program with Portland MM.
Description: In listening to the Exodus story with an open heart, new Light shines on our condition today. We find Faithfulness empowered through Love, and Promise or Wholeness invited through Brokenness. The listening will trace our personal journeys amidst climate breakdown and also connect our varied concerns. This time combines ministry, worship sharing, and simple hands-on creative activity.

Green Pastures, Winter 2020

Snowy greetings from Southwest Michigan! Here in this second month of 2020, I’m giving thanks for a recent time with Quakers of Michigan and upcoming travel among New England Yearly Meeting of Friends.

On February 1, I was among about 70 participants at the Green Pastures Quarterly Meeting (Lake Erie YM) held in mid-Michigan at Red Cedar Monthly Meeting. The program focused on our care of the environment. Among four sessions, “Faith in Action: Quakers on Earthcare” was the one I led.

We viewed the video Quakers Coming Together to Care for the Earth with North American contributors belonging across affiliations or branches. Worship sharing followed with rich and varied experiences, ranging from someone curious about those of us with leadings for Earthcare to longtime activists.

For our closing, Friends discovered novel arrangements for mobiles toward the traveling installation In Relation, as we are striving for a new way forward amid the climate emergency. Thanks to Friends for the warm welcome, as this was my first time among GPQM. I look forward to returning in the future!