La Puenta

La Puenta promotes sustainable arts with attention to women’s lives and creative goals. Projects are led by Mey Hasbrook – Artist.Visit La Puenta’s community page on Facebook.

La Puenta is a ministry of service and travel under the care of Kalamazoo Friends Meeting (Quakers; Lake Erie Yearly Meeting) since its launch in 2015.  

La Puenta has concluded its start-up phase of traveling exhibitions. “By the Hands of Women | Por la mano de mujeres” wrapped up this cycle in June 2018. From 2015 to 2017, collaborative projects spanned Michigan and Peru.

Press conference with community partners at exhibition debut “By the Hands of Women”, Casa de Cultura Puno, Peru. February 2017.

A transition is underway for La Puenta. New inspirations are arising from exploring sustainability as “right relationship” across communities. At the same time, La Puenta is seeking partners — from individuals to agencies — for creating a sustainable follow-up with a Quaker community of indigenous women artisans in Peru.  Inquiries by email are welcome — meymdhATgmailDOTcom.

La Puenta partners have included advocacy agencies like the Puno office of Movimiento Manuela Ramos (Peru/ 2017) and the YWCA of Kalamazoo (Michigan, USA/ 2016). Exhibitions have taken place at ICPNA Cusco (2016-17); Casa de Cultura de Puno (2017); The Robin Theater (Lansing, MI / 2016); the Epic Center with the Arts Council of Greater Kalamazoo (MI/ 2017); and nonprofit FIRE (Kalamazoo, MI/ 2016).

La Puenta programming and art at the Robin Theater of Lansing, Michigan, Nov. 2016.

Grants for La Puenta projects have included the Quaker Lyman Fund (for spiritual leadings/ 2015-16), the Michigan Council of Arts and Cultural Affairs (ACGK minigrant for nonprofits/ 2016), and the Puffin Foundation Ltd. (an artist fund/ 2017). Travel by Mey Hasbrook has been supported in part through the Susan Bax Memorial Fund (Friends World Committee for Consultation, Section of the Americas/ 2016-17) and the Follow Your Feet Fund (Kalamazoo Friends Meeting/ 2016-17).

Updated July 14, 2018.
First published May 19, 2018.