Prayer for Gentleness & Celebration

This prayer is inspired by a reflection shared with me by Friend David Finke of Oberlin Monthly Meeting (Ohio), Lake Erie Yearly Meeting. The prayer closed worship led by the Traveling Ministry Corps of the Friends World Committee for Consultation, Section of the Americas on March 13, 2021.

I pray that we can be gentle with each other
as we seek to understand what our own words mean to each of us,
and as we seek to nurture our shared experience as a Quaker family
— this beautiful body brought together by Spirit and also by the Internet.

I pray that we celebrate the many ways that God comes to us
–God being the Eternal presence of Goodness and Creativity and Liberation dwelling within us, and ministering to the world through us.

May the Light that is Christ reach the hearts of us all.
May we accept the invitation to sink down to the Seed.
May we become tender and broken.

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