The Practice of Song — or Giving Praise

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Devotional for March 16, 2021 – FWCC Section of the Americas Meeting

Some of us here today are recovering from personal tragedies & grave illness. The world is experiencing much trouble — from the pandemic to the climate crisis. It is my prayer that a new song grow from our hearts, & lift up our minds,  & move our bodies with Love.

Friend Rufus Jones writes, “God Himself is love — a self-revealing & self-giving Being”. He explains how we can unite with God — that is, Love– and be “taken up into the divine life.” He understood that this is the way that First Quakers thought of & interpreted God — as Love.

My dear family of Friends, as we turn from lamentations to the Light, what is our experience of Love? Let’s open our hearts & minds & bodies, that we may practice the Living Path of Love.

William Penn explains, “God hears the language of the soul.” Let’s welcome new songs of praise with our whole being. Let our souls be refreshed as we listen to two versions of Psalm 42, verses 7 to 8, & also to their unique translations.

First, the New King James Version:
7 Deep calls unto deep at the noise of Your waterfalls;
All Your waves and billows have gone over me.
8 The Lord will command His lovingkindness in the daytime,
And in the night His song shall be with me—
A prayer to the God of my life.

And, also, a version called The Message:
Chaos calls to chaos,
to the tune of whitewater rapids.
Your breaking surf, your thundering breakers
crash and crush me.
The God promises to love me all day,
sing songs all through the night!
My life is God’s prayer.

In this listening, the song of my soul cries out —
May we praise Love! 
— who is our Living Path.

Friends, what is the song of your soul today? Let’s listen for our songs — listening through the body, heart, mind, & soul.

To accompany our new songs of praise, here’s a passionate inspiration from George Fox. It was written while he was imprisoned.

Sing and rejoice,
ye Children of the Day and of the Light; 

for the Lord is at work In this thick Night of Darkness that may be felt:
And Truth doth flourish as the Rose, 
and the Lilies do grow among the Thorns, 
and the Plants atop of the Hills, 
and upon them the Lambs do skip and play. 
And never heed the Tempests
nor the Storms,
Floods nor Rains,
for the Seed Christ is over all, and doth reign.
And so, be of good Faith,
and Valiant for the Truth.

“Cantad y regocijaos”,

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